As a professional video editor with a background in cinematic arts, I bring a unique perspective to the art of video editing. I have a passion for crafting visually stunning and engaging videos that effectively communicate a message to the audience. I approach every project with the understanding that the images I'm working with have their own tempo and story to tell, and it's my job to carefully craft these elements into a cohesive final product.

I have five years of experience working as a freelance video editor and two years of experience working as the Director of Content and Communications for an architecture firm. In this role, I gained valuable experience in creating videos for social media, marketing, podcasts, YouTube channels and more.

If you're looking for a video editor who is passionate about the art of video editing and has the skills and experience to create visually stunning and engaging videos that effectively communicate your message, I would love to hear from you. Let's work together to create something amazing.


"...masterful video editing skill. He`s a rare talent and bring a unique, artistic approach to explainer vids"

"Gonzalo's work exceeded our expectations. He delivered all work on time. He was always available to answer any questions, and he even provided us with helpful suggestions. Overall we are extremely happy with the video that Gonzalo created for us, and we will contact him again for future jobs."


"...He took a lot of footage and scripts and helped turn them into a beautiful, polished and very effective explainer video. We're extremely impressed with his work. Excellent ideas were offered along with masterful video editing skill. He's a rare talent and we'll be working with him again soon. Thank you Gonzo!!"


"Gonzalo listened to my problem. It's good to work with someone who understands and cares about your issues. Super efficient in time..."


Gonzalo Agostino


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